Nose-to-tail support
Bii offers onsite representation for component management and end of life support. We are able to provide professional and efficient support to your operations, wherever you may need us.

End of life
When an aircraft has reached the end of its economic life, and is withdrawn from service, Bii can assist in executing the end-of-life process.
We manage customer tear downs and offer full inventory control as the components are removed. If required, parts can be recertified and consigned to Bii for onward sale to our worldwide customer base.

Heavy & minor checks
Aircraft require regular inspection and maintenance based on calendar age, hours flown, and cycles of take-off and landing. Bii can support your checks by providing on-site representation to manage the replacement/repair/re-certification of removed components. This approach reduces your administrative and logistics burden, saving both time and money.

Outstanding customer satisfaction
Our experienced, dedicated account managers are always on hand to discuss your specialist support solution. A Bii representative is on-site throughout the entire project.

Discover an independent and flexible approach to aircraft spares support