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7th August, 2019

Bii signs agreement with Chromalloy to repair/overhaul and inspect all CFM56-3 engine material

Bii signs agreement with Chromalloy to repair/overhaul and inspect all CFM56-3 engine material

London, 7th August 2019: Specialist aircraft component support provider Bii has chosen Chromalloy to repair, overhaul and inspect all CFM56-3 engine material. Bii recently teamed with Dublin-based aircraft and engine leasing firm Rostrum Leasing to market a suite of engine piece parts resulting from the phased tear-down programme of selected B737-300 Classics and CFM56 spare engines formerly operated by Southwest Airlines. Bii has all available piece parts to serve the used materials market at their warehouse near LGW for sales and distribution.

The GTA with Chromalloy was awarded in recognition of their extensive expertise, wide range of capabilities on the CFM56-3 engine, and the advanced repair services that are offered. According to James Burley, Commercial Manager – Engines at Bii, working with Chromalloy will help preserve a near 99% yield on components that otherwise would be considerably lower. “Consolidating the repairs across such a large quantity of engine parts with one repair source will also enable us to save costs and time throughout the repair process.”

The overhauls, repairs and inspections will primarily take place within Chromalloy facilities in the US (Nevada and Texas), Holland and Thailand. Burley adds “Certifying engine material with a major repair solution like Chromalloy signifies quality and expertise. Our customers will know they are buying units repaired to the highest standard.”

Chromalloy has a worldwide presence, spanning a customer base across commercial, cargo and military sectors. Bii aims to increase its intake of CMF56 material and Chromalloy’s depth of experience across all engine types will be very beneficial to Bii as it builds exposure to a wider customer base.